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CBCS B.A/B.Sc./B.Com Hons/General Semester-I/III/IV Internal Examination related Information 2021

Questions for General/Generic Papers (SEM-II/IV/VI Internal Examination, 2021)

Routine for General/Generic Papers (SEM-II/IV/VI)

Addendum to Routine for General/Generic Papers (SEM-II/IV/VI)


Examinees are requested to download the questions half an hour before starting of the scheduled examination by visiting the here .

Click here for a Video Tutorial for scanning Answer-Scripts

Please note that, while scanning, try to keep the file size small so that it can be sent over email easily. The examinees are hereby advised to practice with scanning and sending the scanned multipage file over email a few times before the actual examination. The user manual of Adobe Scan can be found here.


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