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WBSU B.A/B.Sc./B.Com Hons/General Examination Part-II & Part-I related Information 2020

As per the WBSU guidelines, the examinees are advised to write the exam online. They are strongly advised not to come to the College for collecting Questions and submitting answer-script in the prevailing COVID-19 situation, unless they are not able to write the examination online anyway.

Click here for a Video Tutorial for scanning Answer-Scripts

Please note that, while scanning, try to keep the file size small so that it can be sent over email easily. The examinees are hereby advised to practice with scanning and sending the scanned multipage file over email a few times before the actual examination. The user manual of Adobe Scan can be found here.

Click here to go to WBSU Examinations Portal

Contact Details for the examination

Examinees are requested to note the contact details of the departments to send their answer scripts, and for any other information. For the subjects that are not in the list, examinees may send email to the central email ID for examination.

Name of the Department Email id Contact No. Notice for Mode of Submission of answer scripts
BENGALI rbcbangla@gmail.com 7980047285 8017070305
ENGLISH engug.rbcc@gmail.com
HINDI hindirbcc@gmail.com
SANSKRIT rbccsanskritdept2020@gmail.com
URDU urdurbccollege@gmail.com
PHILOSOPHY philosophyrbc@gmail.com
HISTORY rbchistorydept@gmail.com 8017333058
POLITICAL SCIENCE politicalscience364@gmail.com
PHYSICAL EDUCATION physicallyfit33@gmail.com
ECONOMICS economics.rbccollege@gmail.com
ELECTRONIC SCIENCE elsc.rbcc@gmail.com 9038751575
PHYSICS rbcphysics@gmail.com
CHEMISTRY chemistryrbcc@gmail.com
MATHEMATICS rbcmathsem@gmail.com
ZOOLOGY zoology.rbc@gmail.com 7003379267
BOTANY botanyexam.rbcc@gmail.com
MICROBIOLOGY mcbahons@gmail.com
COMPUTER APPLICATION cmarbcc@gmail.com
STATISTICS rbcstatistics@gmail.com
COMMERCE rbccom1947@gmail.com
RBC COLLEGE CENTRAL EMAIL ID rishibankimexam@gmail.com


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